I train Naturopaths to be compliant with their marketing and product labels.

Naturopaths and herbalists are required to follow set rules within the legislation, and it's easy to breach them in websites and product labels. I break down the rules in an easy to understand and inspiring way, and deliver them in bite-size chunks, using real-life examples, and leave you with an amazing take-home resource so that you can continue to improve the compliance of your marketing.


For Dietary Supplements (New Zealand)

Do you need compliant labels and write-ups for your dietary supplements? Whether it is for technical datasheets for health professionals, or a retail write-up to help customers make a purchasing decision, I can help. I have years of experience creating labels and low-risk copy for the natural health industry.

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Natural Health and Skin Care Expertise

From Naturopathy to Cosmetic Chemistry.

A registered Naturopath and Herbalist since 2008 and in the industry since 2003, I am the current President of the Naturopaths & Medicals Herbalists New Zealand (Inc.), progressing naturopathy toward being a regulated profession.

I have worked in the commercial sector contributing holistically, creating values-based policy that guides product on-boarding strategies and advising on natural health trends to support range extension. I have worked closely and in-depth with Regulatory Affairs as they relate to the Natural Health Industry and regularly run workshop sessions for naturopaths and herbalists in this area. I have plenty of experience writing product and brand copy that offers a low-risk of non-compliance and captures customer's attention.

My background also includes advising on new product development of Dietary Supplements, technical support for practitioner only suppliers, education, clinical practice, and community radio.

In 2020, I added Cosmetic Chemistry to my formal experience after years of working with brands offering 'Clean beauty' products so that I may advise and support product development or regulatory affairs. 

I look forward to working with you in future.



Upcoming Events

  • September Compliance - websites and wording for Naturopaths
    Sep 01, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Online Webinar event
    Naturopaths have specific laws that need following. Are you wondering about your website or marketing material? I train naturopaths about the requirements they are bound to follow in an easy to understand and inspiring way, I break down the rules into bite-size chunks... find out more below.
  • Label requirements for supplements and skincare
    Sep 29, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Online webinar event
    What can you say when you make a skincare product for a client? How do you label a supplement? And is that different to making products to sell for the public? Are you confused about how to advertise this on your website? This is the workshop for you.


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